Tom Kagan Novels

Broken Allegiance

Police gang detective Tom Kagan sought justice for more than ten years, leaving him a broken man. His only reason for living—the woman he loves and the badge he swore to uphold. When a man is brutally killed in a vineyard on the outskirts of Santa Rosa, California, it sparks a series of events that test what’s left of Kagan’s resolve to protect and serve.

Secrets from the past thwart Kagan’s efforts to unravel a series of killings sanctioned from within the walls of California’s highest security prison. From the lush vineyards of Sonoma County to the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe, the detective must outsmart a killer who is moving in for one epic killing spree.

Leaders of the notorious Nuestra Family prison gang are fighting for power, a struggle that spills out onto the streets of California. Kagan joins forces with Special Agent Hector Garcia, a feisty supervisor of the Special Services Unit for the California Department of Corrections; Diane Phillips, a beautiful and hard-charging prosecutor; and Mikio Sanchez, a former gang member marked for death. Through the eyes of cops and gangsters, readers are able to glimpse the seldom seen workings of the gangster underworld.

Broken Allegiance is about treacherous lies, broken promises, and shattered lives—about life, death and a man’s honor.

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Circle of Lies


Suspicion is cast upon police intelligence officer Tom Kagan when a protected witness turns up dead. Caught in a Circle of Lies, he frantically searches for two witnesses who might clear his name—but they are found murdered. A deadly trap, built by unseen hands, begins to tighten around Tom’s life, endangering everyone he loves and threatening his freedom.

This Kafkaesque nightmare begins when an out-of-state detective tells Kagan his good friend has been killed in an armored truck heist in Seattle. Kagan—working for the Santa Rosa Police Department in California—offers to investigate a lead in his own county. As Kagan peels back the layers of lies, trouble erupts at every turn. An FBI agent with questionable motives shows up and exerts pressure on Kagan’s investigation. A shadowy figure, calling himself Paladin, zeroes in on Kagan as a conspiracy unfolds. A beautiful female prosecutor tries to help, but her relationship to Kagan creates suspicion in his marriage.

Disturbing questions begin to surface as Kagan unravels facts about the case. Everything hinges upon finding out the truth. Who can he trust? Will he survive? Kagan must risk everything to save those he loves and keep his own freedom in this race-to-the-finish mystery thriller.

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Gerrit O'Rourke Novels

Fatal eMpulse

"Taut with drama and suspense, Fatal eMpulse is a must read!"
--Aaron Patterson, Bestselling author of Sweet Dreams

A presidential edict hurls Gerrit O’Rourke and his international team deep into the heart of the Mid East to prevent an aerial attack threatening to start another world war. To make matters worse, a traitor close to the president alerts others of Gerrit’s mission. Only days away from the attack, the team must stay alive long enough to complete their mission and thwart whoever is trying to orchestrate their deaths.

Racing from the blue waters of Florida’s Key West and California’s Lake Tahoe to the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea, everything comes down to this—who will survive? Gerrit’s past again rises to create conflict between himself, his Mossad-trained partner Alena Shapiro, and a flame from the past—CIA agent Shakeela Vaziri. Beyond romance, beyond survival, Gerrit and his team must race against the clock as attack planes launch. Every second counts.

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Off The Grid

"Mark Young is the real deal and Off the Grid proves it. A great read!: - James Scott Bell, bestselling author of One More Lie.

Live Off The Grid … or die.

Seven years ago, U.S. Marine Gerrit O’Rourke returned from Iraq after learning his parents died in a Seattle car bombing. When a manhunt turns up empty, Gerrit joins that city’s police department to find those responsible and bring them to justice—one way or another.

Still searching for leads today, Gerrit travels undercover to a European city on what he believes to be a matter of national security.  He soon learns, however, nothing is what it appears to be—including his parents’ deaths. Contacted by a mysterious woman, Alena Shapiro, Gerrit discovers his life is in danger because he continues to seek the truth. Confused by Alena’s warning and strange events he encountered in Europe, Gerrit returns home where his own world is blown apart. People close to him end up dead.

Gerrit and Alena must combine forces with others to live Off The Grid as they try to uncover an international conspiracy that reaches to the highest level of government in several countries. Against seemingly insurmountable odds, they must survive to expose a conspiracy to breach national security codes that might launch World War III. Time is running out—for Gerrit, for Alena … for the world.

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Travis Mays Novels


When a trained killer threatens ex-cop Travis Mays—and those Travis loves—he finds a skilled adversary and an unexpected fight. 

After a high stakes gamble ends in personal tragedy, Travis walks away from years of training and a highly successful law enforcement career. Determined never to look back, he starts a new life and a new career, teaching criminology at the university and building a cabin in the idyllic Idaho Mountains. He hires a beautiful river guide, Jessie White Eagle from the Nez Perce tribe, to guide him safely down the Lochsa. The turbulence of the whitewater, however, is just the beginning of Travis troubles. Travis finds himself in the crosshairs of a killer—calling himself Creasy—bent on revenge.

This fast-paced thriller takes readers on a wild ride down Idaho’s whitewater rivers, along the historic Lolo Trails once tread by the Nez Perce nation, and onto the city streets of California. Tighten your helmet. This ride never stops until the last shot is fired and the final body falls.

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