Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What’s Hook’em & Book’em all about?

Welcome to the world of mystery and suspense.  Where novels and writers guide us to the abyss and back. Where cops teach us about the job they know best. If you love to read or write mysteries, you’ve journeyed to the right place.

This blog launches January 2010. 

Subscribe now, and get the first of a series of interviews featuring people with interesting jobs in law enforcement, as well as a host of mystery writers—known and soon-to-be known—sharing their latest work just hitting the book shelves.

Hook’em & Book’em will be interviewing cops and others law enforcement folk talking about real-life reality and how it may differ from Hollywood’s take on the job. How do you investigate human trafficking in the US? What does it really feel like to get that 3 a.m. call about another dead body? What does it take to suit up and stride into a room rigged to blow?

Readers—this is the place where you can peruse which books are coming out next and raise questions about criminal investigations you’ve always wondered about. Do cars really blow up like we see in the movies? Can DNA results be made available before the next commercial pops on the screen? Is CSI for real? What does it feel like to face off with killers? And here you may discover your next favorite author.

Writers—want to write with greater authenticity? Here’s where you may find that key to unlock the next scene, or garner that spark of an idea for your next best-selling novel. Maybe one of the real-life heroes we interview will be able to give you that depth of character you've been seeking.

This is about the world of story, about a world where anything might happen.

Enjoy the ride.